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I am insecure,
you are always sure.
You are so optimistic,
but I'm the realistic...
reasoning in your life.
Just thought id remind you.

God I wish I could sing,
then maybe you'd like to hear this song again,
cuz saying all of this helps my heart to mend.
And I never even knew I could feel like this,
all just from a simple kiss...

Only in a dream though.
But I just thought Id let you know.
You know I have the strangest dreams,
full of crazy plots and themes.
And your in them all,
just to catch me before I fall.

Falling, for me that's nothing new.
Falling for you.
I'm at that point now where...
just your smile can paint my grey world blue.
Oh, and that cute laugh too,
but I think you know that dont you?

Though if you didn't I know you'd never admit,
but that's okay,
because I love that about you anyway.
Everything about you I'm in love with.
Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

I love your flaws,
and me? I'm just a lost cause.
But you never give up on me,
I just hope that you can see,
that it really really means alot.
My stomach is in knots.

It's hard to tell you this,
I'm afraid there's something I'll miss.
I miss you all the time,
and your hand wrapped around mine.
Without you I'm totally lost,
though sometimes I wonder if were star-crossed...

But I know in the end it will all work out,
With you, how could I ever have a doubt?
Because I love you strong, you love me true.
and we'll always make it through,
Just you and me baby, just us two.
A silly little song diddy that I wrote a LONG time ago for a boyfriend to a tune vaguely similar to "Okay, I Believe You... But My Tommy Gun Don't, by Brand New".
People usually seem to like it for some reason.

Paul and Eli
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July 24, 2009
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